The Path Back

Trusting Horses Equals Peace of mind And Transitions to Healing, Believing in Authentic-self Clarifies Knowledge.

Why horses? Horses are natural prey animal. As a result they do not live so much in the past or future, rather they remain present in the moment in order to survive. They use emotions as information in order to process their environment. They have the ability to live in a state of hyper-vigilance.

The difference between horses and our Veterans and their families is that the horses can go "grazing" once the danger has passed. These families can remain in a state of hyper-vigilance for days, weeks, months or years. The horses will help the veteran remain in the moment. The veteran is able to forget about the issues hidden in the mind and heart and communicate those issues with a non-judgmental creature.

Rebecca's Riders (Heartland Equine Learning Program)

Cape Arrowhead provides equine workshops for local veterans and their families. The workshop is based on Warriors in Transition curriculum. We invite veterans and their families to a local farm for the workshop. This is a two day workshop with an introduction to the power of the herd.

We anticipate expanding this program to include those involved in domestic violence and troubled youth.

Since the equine workshop is made possible through your generous donations, we are able to provide the workshop at little to no cost to our participants. Won't you please join us in assisting with this program?

Camp Experience

Each year we offer theme camps for those in assisted living. Excitement builds as the time for camp grows near and many campers continue to talk about their camping experience for many weeks afterward.

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