Cape Arrowhead needs your financial support to continue to provide this program to our local veterans in our community. You may ask yourself, what is the smile on a Veteran worth, or for a family to reconnect and live in the moment to worth. Only you can determine that contribution.

Besides helping people, Cape Arrowhead helps animals in need by rescuing horses.  Perhaps you could help us care for them? A donation/sponsorship would be great for all! You help out a horse in need and in so doing you help us help humans in need.

Cape Arrowhead serves Southeast Missouri. Your donations help local families.

Here is the link to donate.!/donation/checkout


We love our volunteers at Cape Arrowhead. If you are looking for a local charity to team up with and donate your time and talents, please give our office a call at 573-778-1210. We would love to get to know you and introduce you to our programs.